Danny le Gatt Tours has been operating for more than a decade providing bike riders, social cyclists and enthusiasts with the opportunity to experience the worlds greatest bike race and pedal their way through some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, staying in villages centuries old throughout the French countryside.


Dependent on your interests, whether you want to experience a stage of the TDF or leisurely cycle alongside canals hundreds of years old visiting medival cities and towns whilst enjoying a glass of wine in the evening, Danny Le Gatt has the tour to suit you.


Whether an indiviual, a couple or a group or be it an experienced cyclist or a leisure seeking day trip cyclist; Danny will have the tour for you. Tours are organised and co-ordinated for each and every individual whether part of a small group or organised for private groups or clubs.


Danny, a veteran bike rider himself, has been taken Australian and other nationality cyclists to enjoy the sights culture and countryside of France for more than 20 years.


On a Danny Le Gatt tour you will experience French hospitality, culture, countryside, great rides as well as some provincial cuisine and a glass or two of the local wines.


Rather than being based in a suitcase and travelling by air conditioned coach from stage to stage, our home for the tours will be in a small village in the regions of Sud Rhone Alpes and better still for a fraction of the price of other tours. Tours are all inclusive ex Lyon France, and in addition to being entertained for the duration of the tour, you have the flexibility to be able to visit Paris or other European destinations - we can tailor an itinerary to suit your needs.